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Mizunote Observatory
Mizunote Observatory

Kaikoen, a Formidable Natural Castle

The Komoro Castle is built in a location lower than the surrounding towns and is therefore called the "hole castle." This type of a "hole castle" is unique and there is no moat around it. The easy-to-crumble volcanic rocks of Mount Asama prevented the enemy from climbing down the steep slope. This castle has a two-roofed gate which is designated as an important national cultural property, a building called the Chohko-kan which houses ancient armor and literature, a main citadel, a secondary citadel, a monument in tribute to Shimazaki Tohson, and the "Mizunote" (waterside) observatory where you can see the entire Chikuma River. This castle also has a zoo which opened in 1926 and an amusement park.

●A 3-minute walk from Komoro Station Phone:0267-22-0296

Nunobiki Kannon, Temples Located on a Cliff

The Nunobiki Kannon Temples are located on the hill overlooking Komoro. On top of the hill is the main temple and on the overhanging cliff is the Aizendoh Temple. The famous legend of Zenkoji originated from this temple. On the way to the temples is a rock that looks like a cow and a cave that looks like the Zenkoji Temple of Nagano. Looking at these places as you climb the steep slope will surely ease your mind. From the temple at the top you can see Mount Asama.

●10 minutes walk from Komoro Station and 40 minutes walk from the bus stop.

Nunobiki Kannon
Takamine Heights

Takamine Heights, Where Nature Abounds

Takamine Heights is a gentle slope that stretches west from the Kurumazaka (wheel slope) Pass of Mount Asama. Here from the 2000 meter elevation you can see Mount Fuji, Yatsugatake, Utsushigahara, and the Northern Alps. Although this height is not located too far from the city, you can see wild antelopes and various wild plants. This is the starting point of the hiking course to Mount Kuromadara, Mount Takamine, Ikenodaira. You can enjoy skiing in winter.

●40 minutes from Komoro Station


The Tohson Memorial Museum

As you walk towards the Mizunote observation point, you will find the Tohson Memorial Museum. Here you will find over 500 items related to Tohson including his famous literary works "Hakai" (Breaking the Rules) and "Chikuma River Sketch." Stop by the Mizunote observatory to see the picturesque view of the Chikuma River down below.

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