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The suicide death of Mishima Yukio, a writer of the Showa era, shocked the world. Two and a half decades have passed since his death. If he were alive today, what would he have said about this new era?
The Mishima Yukio Museum (Bungakukan) to be built in the Lake Yamanakako Library Grove (Bungaku-no-mori) overlooking Mount Fuji shall give us a chance to reflect on such thoughts. The architecture of the museum is based on Mishima's western-style residential home. The writer's works, manuscripts and about 700 personal items are stored in this museum.
In anticipation of the museum, we present through the internet The Mishima Yukio Cyber Museum. The Cyber Museum will consist of an index of items stored in the museum, an introduction of some of the displayed items, Mishima's biography, reference maps, questions answered by top researchers, and a forum of comments for the museum.
The Cyber Museum is produced in an effort to introduce the world renowned writer and his remarkable works to as many people as possible.

History of
his Life

List of
his Works

The Museum


Each work displayed for The Mishima Yukio Cyber Museum has been processed by IBM Japan, Ltd. under its confirmation of understanding and / or consent obtained by Yamanakako village from the respective author(s) or right owner.

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