Arts, Crafts and Specialities

Traditional Crafts

Yawata-uma Wooden Horse Figurines

The Hachinohe area has been known since the Kamakura period (1185 - 1333) for its breed of battle horses. Their farming horses have supported the lives of the commoners and have often been used as the theme for dances and folk tales. Horses have played an important role in the people's lives; thus the art of Yawata-uma figurines emerged. The colorful figurine seen here represents a decorated carriage for the bride in a farmer's wedding. this particular piece is one of Japan's three greatest wooden horse crafts.

Hishizashi Diamond-shaped Needlepoint

Embroidery of diamond-shaped patterns characterize Hishizashi Needlepoint. The craft started with stitches of cotton threads applied as reinforcement and insulation for the farmers' work clothes made of hemp. Life in harsh working environment gave birth to the current craft. The material is sturdy and is good for bags, wallets, and table cloths.



Boiling soup broth is poured over fresh sea urchin and abalone and served with herbs. This extravagant dish was named ichigoni (stewed berries) since the sea urchin looks like wild berries when dipped in boiling soup broth. Long ago, fishermen got together at the shore after a long day's work and boiled a pot of sea urchin and abalone over fire. Over time, the rather barbaric meal on the shore has changed into an exclusive treat served in little bowls. There are canned products for souvenir gifts.


This specialty started with scraps from sliced soba (buckwheat noodle) dough. The dough is cooked in seaweed broth and is served with garlic paste.


Hachinohe's edible chrysanthemums (abokyu) are good in vinegar salad and miso (soy bean paste) soup. Dried abokyu can be enjoyed year round.

Nanbu Hachinohe Senbei Crackers

It is said that in the 14th century, a soldier broiled a cracker on his helmet and presented it to the visiting Emperor Chokei who enjoyed the treat. The crunchy texture is popular nationwide.

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